We returned to the Huf Haus earlier this year 12 years after the original garden was laid out to add a new layer of planting. 

The original design was based on the strong modern architectural grid of the building & the influences of the natural landscape that surrounds the property. 

Over the years the planting has matured & stone & cedar construction mellowed; the house feels very much a part of its’ landscape setting. 

We went back to the architectural grid to design a contemporary grass garden that would form a filtered transition between foreground lawn & background planting. 

The planting palette of a dozen grasses & sedges is laid out in formal blocks in an apparently random pattern interspersed with blocks of mown grass which combine to form a circulatory walk linking lawn, ornamental grasses, pergola & spring meadow. 

Blocks of ornamental grasses & replanted ferns & herbaceous groundcover extend into the existing borders & raised bed to merge the new with the old. 

The grid is maintained by steel edging that keep the lawn edges sharp & over time will limit the intermingling of the grasses. The same edging contains the bark path beneath the pergola. 

The garden will be opened to the public on 12th September 2021 as part of Petersham Open Gardens. Tickets are only available online https://www.petershamopengardens.org/

For further photos of this garden see our portfolio entry in Larger Gardens.